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Bohui comprehensively carry out safety in production mouth action

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For the policy of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment” and realize security environment of “safety in development and prevention first” and ensure situation of safety in production, Bohui carries out a serious of activities which included all staff.
Hanging banners and pasting posters in full position to make all the worlds know. All branch plants take full advantage of internal resources, according to real situations and make special blackboard newspaper and notice board for safety month. According to legal knowledge, safe handing technologies, “3 defies” and accident cases the company builds rich atmosphere.
For understanding well about safe knowledge, all branch plants use times that before and finish works to strengthen case studies. When doing presentations, leaders ask staff to analyse and point out faults. Through this interactive form, put safety awareness into practical work.
As the same time, Bohui also carries out “safety check” to fined out safety potentials and accident risks. According to the requests of making plans and ordering superintendents and making corrections within a fixed time periods, Bohui arranges hidden danger checking and handing operations to offer guarantee for safety in production.
For improving all staff skills of fire control, defense fire and emergency treatment, the company increase accident drill.
Under guidance of safety and fire control departments, all branch plants carry out accident exercise every week and mix safety knowledge and real production together, and realize “safety first”.
Besides carrying out Safety propaganda inside plants, staff from safety department makes leaflets about safety knowledge. Using local street market times, setting information desk and publicity safety knowledge to local people.
Safety month action is a chance which through carry out publicity and accident exercises, improve staff safety knowledge level and ensure safety in production without any accident.        

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