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Be the winner with courage

Writer:关继乾Source:卡纸1#机 Number of visits: Date:2010年9月19日 09:59


I am so glad to attend the outward training. Though there were only two days, the wealth gave by the outward training is permanent, wherever we are and whatever we do.
During the training course, every project can’t do without team work. In the beginning, we designed the name, motto, song, crest for our team, which is meaning team wisdom and power are crucial. I found my proficiency, and enhance my confidence and found my many weaknesses during these two days training. The most important thing is that I realized the shortages of the understanding of team spirit and in appropriates of process mode. I learn a lot from this training and deeply understand the meaning of “there is no perfect person but perfect team”
The game of trust fall makes me realize that the important of interpersonal trust and sincerity. I stood on the stand which 1m high and felled down without scruple. It needed not only courage but trust. Actually for my works we need treat others sincerity. To do that not only can made us be faster, better and more efficiently, but could bring us joyful.
Because of the fault of guidance we failed the game of islet survives. In the meeting we didn’t try to find the reasons but blamed each other. Everyone did things in his own way, carry out the task blindly, but forgot the final purpose. Everyone tried to finish his own task but ignored communications. The successful of a team roots in acting in concert, pulling together, and finding the method in advance, and keeping the thinking clear.
In the game of high ladder, when I arrived the third log, I really want to give up. But under the help of teammate, finally I finished my task. That thing told me that difficult is not horrible, and we can do it if we keep doing. This is expression of bohui spirit which does not fear difficulty, doesn’t abandon, and doesn’t give up. Another game of survived wall let me know the important of team power and team work. At last 100 people finished this game within 40mins. I was touched and moved, because we were brother at that moment.
 the training gave us a vivid lesson, which is different with the rigid lecture, and helped us to understand deeply the relationship between individual and team. The game of high horizontal bar let us get more confidence. Everyone realized the team power through the team projects. This training enhanced our inside communications and strengthened the cohesion.
Through the training we strengthened the understanding of company philosophy, enhanced our loyalty index to our company and executive force. We understand well the spiritual strength of 4 changes, 4 insists, 4 requirements, 4 confronts which presented by president. I firmly believe that the tomorrow of bohui will be much better!        

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