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Marching forward courageously, and pushing the limits

Writer:金东朋Source:安全办 Number of visits: Date:2010年9月19日 10:01


As one student of the first Outward training course, I am pride and proud. Here, I want to thanks General Manager Yang for giving us this chance, and want to thanks my leader for confirming to me.
I realize the following points from this training:
1, the cohesion is very important to the team, and the individual power is limited. It could be done only if everyone working together. For example, the high ladder game asks for us pull together to finish. In a word: Union is strength. For the same reason in our works, every step cant do without cooperation for every one.
2, the team needs the core, and the core is the leader. We need to give advices to the leader to achieve our common goals. For example, seven-piece puzzle tells us that: the leader is very important. The leader represents the direction of the team. In a word: because of the headstock, the train can run fast.
3, need to make plan when you doing the work. Everyone needs to make sure the goal and role, which everyone’s responsibility must be clear, and makes you blending into the team, and works hard. For example, the game of islet survives tells us: doing work needs clear thinking, and don’t confuse by the false appearance. The outward training has finished, and the shock bring to us will be last forever. Just as the trainer said, going first and then realizing. We should learn through practice, change through study.
Through this outward training, combine with my working experiences, I will affect and drive my colleagues with my action which learn and experience from this training, and will keep it going. Also, we need to build up the team spirit and awareness.
I believe I can do it, and I can do it better. I firmly believe Bohui’s tomorrow will be better! Because our Bohui paper group is the best!        

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