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PM2: news of successes keeps pouring in.

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Recently, news of victory brought from Kunming office, Chongqing office, Shenzhen office, Xiamen office etc.. Customers highly appraise for our cigarette board that produced by PM2 and gave a great quantity orders.
Since the start, in accordance with the "high standards, strict requirements, high quality”, PM2 foucs on domestic cigarette board maket leading edge.
There are several reasons for the high quality: first Bohui has rich production experiences in cigarette board industry. The company tremendous efforts have been focused on the cultivate talents and leaning from advanced techniques. Up to this day, the company has accumulated a lot of our own experiences, and continuously keeping research and study; secondly, high input in PM2. the whole set of equipment was offered by Metso, and this established foundation of stable production and high quality; staff hard work. Since the start, all staff in accordance with “to challenge limit, to pursue excellence”, work together, bend troubles and meet cares. All of that bring us confirms from our customers.
“Marketing confirmation is our biggest motive power.” said by manager of PM2. For developing new market and offering high quality production, PM2 does a lot. Since the start, after 4 months, staff cautiously optimizing adjust and then started to produce l little amount of cigarette board. Since the first sheet was put in storage, vice manager Yang Yanzhi asked:” we need to make sure every sheet we put into market is the best. From the first sheet we have to capture and attract our customers.” we did as we asked. So in the uncertain market we are still standing in the forefront of the market.
Markting confirmation is confirmation to our jobs we have done. the company should be bigger and stronger., and it is quite a long way ahead.        

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