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Green concept leads low carbon economy

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In recent years, the problem of climatic change influences human survival and development. Low carbon economy has become the common view of whole world. Since low-carbon economy became the new type sustainable development pattern, green and environmental protection has become the hotspot and trend of development. So, it is a rigorous problem that how enterprises change ideas and establish low carbon consciousness and realize green and low carbon production through creation.
Since the star, Bohui always sparkplugs green papermaking, and insists the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection. Facing international and domestic situation changes, Bohui adjusted development strategy, increased funding of energy conservation, extended creation of energy saving technologies, and eliminated laggard capacities, implemented transformation of energy saving technologies. Therefore, specific energy consumption for unit product and comprehensive energy consumption of main products slumped, and many advanced and applicative energy-efficient equipments and technologies got application and dissemination, and piles of emphasis energy saving technically improve projects are taking steps. At present, Bohui has finished reforms of soda recovery parachute, energy conservation ACVF, globe digester, vacuum system of gypsum paper, and so on, hence, Bohui reduces waste emission and enhances energy utilization rate.
On that basis, Bohui initiatively undertakes adjusts of national industrial policy, takes a series of measures for developing circular economy, and insists clear production path to improve waste water disposal system. Now, daily waste water disposal fits the national and local effluent standard. After advanced treatment, waste water could be used in reproduction and field irrigation.
In addition, Bohui holds the principle of mixing paper and pulp together, continuously adjusts structures of raw materials and speeds up the upgrading and structural optimization of industry. In the past, Bohui used wheat straw hood to make paper; now Bohui uses pulp and waste paper as raw materials. Then the environmental protection processing cost decreases and Bohui gets win-win of save and environmental protection. Also the company owns a large area of fast-growing forest plantation, this benefits local ecology natures and economy. Through this integration, company has abandoned the traditional production process and out of date material furnish. Therefore environment gets protected and with low carbon economy.
Today, Bohui people holds the basic concept of green, ecology, low carbon and recycle, walks out a resources saving, environmental friendly developing road.
At the same time, Bohui looks at open and mixed, harmonious and ordering and lifeful human environment, and structure the harmonious development of economy and society, man and nature and organic unityecosystem.
Standing in the forefront of the times and keeping eyes on the future. Bohui will always develop circular economy, and implement energy conservation system that combined with clear production, structure regulation and recycling use. Then Bohui will boost integrated utilization of key resources, structure resource-saving and environmentally friendly business. Bohui is comprehensive practicing the development idea of low carbon and green life.        

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